Zoe and Max saved for their dream holiday

Zoe and Max met at a Christmas event organised by their local community last year. After spending almost all of their free time together, their relationship developed and Zoe decided to move in with Max. Putting their money together in a joint bank account made sense to ensure that they covered all of the household bills but they also wanted to save some of the money deposited towards their dream holiday.  After researching the market, speaking with members of their local community and visiting their local credit union they decided that a credit union was the best option for them. Impressed with its members first approach they opened a joint saving account and started to deposit monthly savings with their local credit union. After couple of years, they realised that due to the amount they had invested on their account and the interest accrued they had saved enough money to finally go on their dream cruise and without wasting time booked their holiday and lived their dream!