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How Can Credit U Help You?

Credit U was created to introduce people to affordable loans and savings from their local Credit Union. We want to show people there is a better alternative to high-cost loans. 

Credit Unions provide an ethical alternative to bank lending, offering key services of savings and loans. Credit Unions work for the benefit of the community and members, and are unlike banks as they have no external shareholders. 

Unlike some other lenders Credit Union loans are affordable as they cannot charge more than 3% a month (or 42.6% APR) by law. Often Credit Unions lend at a rate that is much lower than this.

Credit Union dividends can be higher than the interest on bank savings. Savers may receive an annual dividend of up to 8% on any savings they have with the Credit Union. A dividend is calculated on the annual profit which is then shared between members once a year. 

Some Credit Unions offer current accounts and pre-paid cards. The current accounts have no overdraft facility which means no hidden charges. The pre-paid cards can be used to make purchases online or in-store and often have cashback offers too.


Our Mission:

  • We can help you build your financial future
  • We help you find affordable loans and ethical savings
  • We serve everyone at any life stage

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